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Eveready has been the pioneer in the field of portable lighting for many a decades.

Eveready, with a huge variety of products, is the largest manufacturer and marketer of torches in South Asia. Well known for its quality, range, color options and value for money models. Eveready caters to all the lighting needs of both – the urban and rural consumers.


DigiLED Torches
Eveready recently introduced a whole new category of torches with digiLED technology. These torches use highly power efficient LEDs in place of the incandescent bulbs. The long life LEDs, the superior quality lens & the Eveready expertise put together give the consumers an excellent torch with a focused bright white beam of light.

The torches are available in a Variety of shapes & sizes, with a splash of bright vibrant colors.

Mainly for its quality of power efficiency, as batteries lasts longer, these torches have become an instant hit with the value conscious consumers across India.

UltraLED Torches

Torches with powerful beams which reach amazing distances, stronger light with enhanced efficiency, coupled with superior advantages of the original digiLED torches.
The range offers the user wide choice in shapes, sizes & new metallic colours.

Brass Torches
True to its name, the Jeevan Sathi brass torchlight has been a trustworthy, constant companion for the discerning Indians through generations. It is reliable, durable and repairable, making it a must-have evening companion especially in the villages. It is one of the most trusted brands in rural India across all product categories.

Aluminum & Plastic Torches
Eveready has always gone for innovation to bring out new models which suit the diverse requirements of all its customers. These torches have strong durable bodies, slide switches for easy handling and come in a wide range of models and colors.

Models like Commander, HiLite, Mobile, RedFlash, Rangoli & CityLite… are brands in their own capacity… bought by thousands of people every month.

Rechargeable Torches
Eveready also provides rechargeable torches to its customers. These have an in-built battery and a plug, for easy recharge. These torches are true value-for-money and are targeted at the urban and semi-urban households.


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