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Packet Tea

India wakes up with tea every morning. It is the drink that enlivens, energises and rejuvenates the mind and the body. It is the drink that binds people across cultures. This is why Eveready has lined up a wide range of tea blends to match the needs of a diverse tea-drinking nation and the different "tea cultures" that are an integral part of the country’s socio-cultural fabric.

Eveready, the group Company of the largest bulk tea producer in the world, McLeod Russel India Limited,  A member of The Williamson Magor Group, markets and distributes packaged tea across the nation.

From the valleys of Assam to the hills of Darjeeling, our promise of bringing the freshness and strength to each cup of tea can be experienced in the brew of all our brands.

The superior quality is a result of meticulous process that involves skilled selection of tea leaves based on expertise in tea tasting and understanding of Consumer needs. Eveready today has offerings worthy of the name of Williamson and Magor as well as Eveready Industries India Ltd. - Eveready Premium Gold, Eveready Tez Premium, Eveready Tez Red  and Eveready Jaago. Brands, which satisfy the diverse moods of the tea drinker.

EVEREADY Premium Gold

A premium tea with full bodied flavour and aroma

Eveready Premium Gold for the perfect tea connoisseur, blend is a delicate, aromatic, fragrant and refreshing. Premium Gold teas have become synonymous with the relaxation and unhurriedness of tea drinking in the markets where it’s available. The superior quality of Premium Gold is the result of meticulous processes that involve skilled plucking of tea leaves and tea tasting. A "fine plucking" of the best teas, for Premium Gold, removes only the greenest, freshest, topmost tender leaves.


Eveready Tez Premium

Is our tribute to the never-say-die spirit of the woman of substance.

Eveready brings to her the finest brew from Eastern India - Assam tea, known worldwide for its body, briskness and malty flavour. It is strong in taste and bright in colour. Eveready Tez Premium- the 100% Assam tea is sure to brighten up the mood at any time of the day. That’s why Eveready says, Tez ho chai, to josh aa jaye



An invigorating blend of strong and stimulating tea

For many, tea is the trusted companion. In company, or in solitude, they turn to their trusted tea for relaxation, for soothing their senses and for the strength to carry on. There could be storms in a teacup, but in the end it is the cuppa that sets things right.

For a classic tea experience, Eveready presents Eveready Tez Red, an invigorating blend of strong and stimulating tea that refreshes and recharges you with every sip. When the spirits are flagging, a cup of Eveready Tez Red is sure to breathe a new lease of life into you.



Ab Aur Zyaada Dum

Eveready Jaago is our offering to those who take challenges head on and are always on the move, which is why they prefer a strong cup of tea. A cup of Eveready Jaago promises a punch of strong flavour and rich colour made from the finest leaves from Assam Valley and the Eastern Himalayan foothills of the Dooars region.

Ab Aur Zyaada Dum, so there’s nothing stopping you from surging ahead towards your goals.

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