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In our success story spanning over a century, Eveready has been powered by its people— a unique combination of youth and experience. The vision and leadership of a stable senior-management is only matched by the motivation and energy of the youth brigade.

Aware of the potential of our strength, our human resource, Eveready has taken care to create an atmosphere that not only attracts the best talents, but also nurtures and grooms them into leaders of standards matched by the best in Corporate India. Here is a place where the dream-laden beginners can look forward to start a value-adding and rewarding career. Experienced middle-level executives can hope for a worthwhile career transition into an organizational experience marked by opportunities to practice creative leadership with autonomy & accountability . High performing senior professionals can look forward to a strategic leadership role to shape & realize the company’s vision and contribute to organization building . Even as the company eyes growth for itself, it is as much committed to the growth of its employees. Good performance and high potential never goes un-recognized or unrewarded. This is the secret of our highly motivated workforce committed to excellence.

A happy individual always performs well. Keeping this in mind, Eveready strives to strike a healthy work-life balance for its employees. The Eveready workplace exudes warmth of a friendly, human touch as much as it boasts world-class professionalism. It bustles with activity offering a vibrant work culture.  Eveready believes in building and nurturing one big family of Eveready citizens who develop a strong and deep emotional bonding with the organization. It also helps in developing socially responsible corporate citizens.

As Eveready surges ahead to build ‘The Next Century of Power’, it not only relies on the rock-solid stable top management, but also expects the young, vibrant workforce to take the company ahead with their ideas and innovation. After all, it is the power of people, the power of ideas that gives Eveready the power to march full steam ahead.

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